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Added: Sep 10th, 2017
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Plans: 5% Daily for 30 Calendar Days, 110% After 10 Calendar Days

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Last Paid:Sep-14,2017


Min Deposit: 1
Max Deposit: 100000
Referral: 1
Withdrawal: Manual

Investment: $200.00 Payout: 5% User Rating: 10.0 (4 votes) Listed: 73 days

 Program Description 
thebossproject is the leading professional with regards to assets management.thanks to its rounded team of market bosses who has no shaking,we control risk,we are the boss. risk is often dreaded by all investors.we want to be known as one who carries the risk for others.we chose to be known as risk controllers.we are the results of a delibrate,organised,concious effort to construct a more satisfying and risk free platform for sustainable earning. investors are faced with fear and anxiety.we take away such by studying current successes and failures,thereby avoiding pitfalls.this an opportunity for our future investors.you can get your $1 and above withdrawer in less than an hour.

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